Do you see what the clock makes you do?

First release from my new project as one-half of COSMOS AND THE KING!
I’m really excited to finally be able to share this<3

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Stromae - Tous Les Mêmes

KΞR✡U’S LAMENT - Ellery James Roberts

The Dream and Magic


I want to work on large wonderful creative projects, make films and photographs, paintings, unleash my creative mind, invent, build with stimulating teams, travel with and for my work, build strong alliances, grow in a humanistic way, support and collaborate with peers, create a comfortable home and freeing economic base, excite my curiosity and lastly make a life I enjoy within a frame of love.


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Angel Haze killin’ it

Pawn Shop Blues - Lana Del Rey

The Platters - Great Pretender

It always bothers me to see people writing ‘RIP’ when a person dies. It just feels so insincere and like a cop-out. To me, ‘RIP’ is the microwave dinner of posthumous honours. Lou Reed (via youngphrazes)

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Schooling the World: The White Man’s Last Burden (2010)

So much truth in this documentary. These days the notion of education has become so skewed, narrow, and suited to the western world, destroying several valid modes of living. At the end of the day education ≠ freedom and broadened perspectives if people are brought up to be blind to the truths that exist around them.

Soap&Skin - Me and the Devil